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The British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong (BritCham) is an membership based organisation in China, helping members with business development through events, networking, introductions and referrals.
Established in 1996, BritCham is one of the most active and influential Chambers in the PRD and has offices in both Guangzhou and Shenzhen, with the ability to serve our members across the

Our membership network is comprised of companies operating in a wide range of sectors and industries, including Education, Hospitality, Finance, Hi-tech, Manufacturing, Healthcare and etc. Up to today, BritCham has over 200 members and is growing.

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As one of the most developed cities in China, Shenzhen is full of opportunities, but also is a member of the high-pressure cities. People traveled over to Shenzhen from other places in China and worldwide, tried to find their path of life, to make a living, to achieve their goals… Meanwhile, a lot of challenges appear, high demands from work, fast pace of workload; competitors around you, things happened unpredictably like COVID-19 that affected your work, etc. These all caused greater amount of stress. Attentions on stress at work has become one of the essential topics to-be-discussed now.


14:30-15:00pm Entrance Time 入场时间

15:00-15:30pm Strategies shared by psychologist from LIHOP on how to know if you are high stress at work, how to indicate these stress and cope with it, and what external support can you seek.


15:30-16:00pm Representative participants from different industries, like education; non-profit organization; other institutions, share their ways of dealing with stress and their experiences in 2020.


16:00-17:00pm Connection time for all participants, enjoy the beverages, finger food and an easy Friday afternoon.




For BritCham GD members ONLY!

Standard PriceRMB 80


Standard PriceRMB 150

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