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  • What is wellbeing and why is important?
  • Why schools should first focus on teacher wellbeing as a means to achieving student wellbeing
  • Wellbeing tips

Staff wellbeing is increasingly becoming a priority for schools and evidence is building to show that taking care of staff and offering them wellbeing skills impacts not only the staff, but also the whole school climate, students and the wider community.

Teachers often put their work and students first, but it is very important for them to remember to take time out for themselves both in and out of the classroom. If they are in good health; mentally and physically, they are better able to cope with the challenges of teaching and when they feel positive, they are more open to new ideas, creativity and change, making them more effective and innovative in the classroom.

The target audience for the seminar is - School leaders or teachers who are interested in wellbeing for the school as a whole, that is teachers, parents and students.