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As Generative AI evolves, its impact ripples across various industries, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Traditionally a domain demanding human expertise, SEO tasks range from keyword analysis to content strategy and analytics reporting. But can machines like ChatGPT replace the human touch in SEO? In this exploration, we'll examine the capabilities of Generative AI in SEO, highlight its limitations, and touch upon how Chinese AI models approach this domain.


1. Generative AI is taking jobs from SEO professionals?

2. Where can Chatgpt be used on SEO?

A)Keyword Research And Analysis B) Content Strategy Development C)Better Understanding Of Search Intent D)Generating Good SEO Titles E)Composing And Managing Analytics Reports3. What shouldn't Chatgpt be used for SEO

A) Less than ideal use case: Content creation

B) How Google EEAT against low quality AI generated content

4. A Glimpse of Chinese Generative AI on SEO

Key Takeaways

From Marcus's sharing you will learn:

  • AI Limitations: Despite its capabilities, ChatGPT, like other AI models, has certain limitations in the SEO domain. It might lack the human intuition required for specific nuances and decision-making processes.
  • Human vs. AI in SEO: While AI can automate and enhance many tasks, the human touch remains crucial in areas requiring creativity, strategy, and nuanced understanding.

From Kun's sharing you will learn:

  • Rise of AI in SEO: Generative AI, including models like ChatGPT, is increasingly playing a role in the SEO industry, signaling a potential shift in how optimization tasks are approached.
  • ChatGPT's SEO Capabilities: ChatGPT can aid in numerous SEO tasks, from keyword research, developing content strategies, understanding search intent, generating SEO-friendly titles, to analytics reporting.
  • Chinese AI in SEO: Chinese generative AI models have their unique approach to SEO, influenced by regional search engine dynamics and linguistic nuances.


  • Marcus Pentzek (SEO Director of Jademond at Jademond Digital 广州市界盟计算机科技有限公司)

    Marcus Pentzek

    SEO Director of Jademond at Jademond Digital 广州市界盟计算机科技有限公司

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  • Kun Tang (MD at Jademond Digital Limited)

    Kun Tang

    MD at Jademond Digital Limited

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