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The British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong (BritCham) is an membership based organisation in China, helping members with business development through events, networking, introductions and referrals.
Established in 1996, BritCham is one of the most active and influential Chambers in the PRD and has offices in both Guangzhou and Shenzhen, with the ability to serve our members across the

Our membership network is comprised of companies operating in a wide range of sectors and industries, including Education, Hospitality, Finance, Hi-tech, Manufacturing, Healthcare and etc. Up to today, BritCham has over 200 members and is growing.

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Autumn Carnival | British Day Is Coming, Let's Enjoy a Date with Britain!

金秋嘉年华 | 广深英国日来袭,一起来"邂逅英伦"吧!

British Day 2021 - "A Date with Britain" has created an unprecedented buzz around the place! Authentic British cuisine, intriguing booth games; a rush of booth applications and a surge of ticket sales. Booth application quota is insufficient; tickets are on sale. What are you waiting for?

2021 英国日——"邂逅英伦"盛况空前!特色英伦美食,趣味互动游戏;摊位申请踊跃,门票购买高涨。摊位余量不足,门票火热售卖,你还在犹豫什么?

How to Participate in British Day In-Depth?


Use your imagination and show the creative "tailor" in you. Put on your hat and bring it to our BritCham Booth to sign up the "Crazy Hat" competition and win prizes.  


1. Please put on your DIY hat and bring it to the event and register at BritCham's booth to participate in the competition.


2. Registration cut-off time: 14:00.

比赛报名截止时间为 14:00。

3. The final 10 shortlisted entries will be contacted via telephone at around 15:15 and will be invited to receive their prizes.

工作人员将会在 15:15 通过电联的方式通知 10 名获奖选手前来英商摊位进行领奖。

4. BritCham reserves the rights of final judgment for this competition.


BritCham is always committed to supporting charity. This year's British Day, BritCham will also support "Hopeful Heart". Not only we, but also you can make contribution to charity by purchasing the raffle prizes. Proceeds from the raffle will go to Hopeful Hearts to help children in need of urgent heart surgery. With your help, we can make those young hearts keep beating. 


About Hopeful Hearts


Hopeful Hearts is a non-profit charity run by local Chinese and expatriate volunteers. Their aim is to raise awareness and funds in order to provide life saving heart surgeries for children of low income Chinese families.


How to Buy Raffle Tickets?



Come and buy your raffle tickets at the BritCham Guangdong's Booth or Hopeful Hearts's Booth.



One raffle ticket = RMB 20

A strip of 6 tickets = RMB 100

20 元 / 一张慈善抽奖礼券

100 元 / 六张慈善抽奖礼券

Raffle Prize Award in Previous Years


Date & Time


11:00-17:30, Saturday, 20th November 


11:00-17:30, Saturday, 27th November  

Dress Code

Casual / Comfortable / British / Crazy Hat



Outdoor Garden, Shangri-La Guangzhou, No.1, Hui Zhan Dong Road, Hai Zhu District, Guangzhou


Nanhai Lawn, Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai, No. 1177, Wanghai Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

日期 & 时间


11 月 20 日 (周六)11:00-17:30


11 月 27 日 (周六) 11:00-17:30


休闲 / 舒适 / 英伦风 / 疯帽子





深圳市南山区望海路 1177 号深圳蛇口希尔顿南海酒店南海翼草坪

Already Want to Buy the Tickets?


At British Day, you can taste authentic food, beverage and play games from four areas of the UK.


You must be very familiar with American football: protective equipment, helmet and gloves. But Rugby players wear minimal protection. Warriors, do you dare to try?


Scots are well-known for their courage. They are fond of nature, whisky lovers and experienced Ceilidh dancers. The kilt is a frequent costume for important occasions. Ceilidh is an influential social dance, which enables strangers to let go of all inhibitions and get stuck into lively dancing. Ceilidh not only prevails in Scotland, local couples across the UK will often include it as a centerpiece at wedding celebrations. Let's dance Ceilidh together at this Guangzhou British Day!


Chinese and foreign guests mingle to form a team. Let's see who will be Mr. Hercules?


Plots hidden along the route? See who can dissolve all the puzzles, find the treasure and win the prizes?


British Day is one of the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong's (BritCham Guangdong) flagship events. Since 2010, British Day has been one of the most anticipated annual events in Guangdong Province. The event has been held for 9 years in Guangzhou and 4 years in Shenzhen respectively, 60+ brands for participation and welcomed 1,000~4,000+ guests each event, co-branding with media partners with 1,000,000+ online and offline exposure.

英国日是广东英国商会的旗舰活动之一。自 2010 年起,英国日就已经成为广东省年度活动中的重要一环。该活动已 9 年成功在广州举办4 年在深圳举办。每届超过 60+ 品牌参与,参与人数超过 1000~4000+ 人,合作媒体、品牌联动,线上线下曝光 100万+ 。

British Day celebrates British culture, offering you a relaxing day with family and friends with fun activities, music, prizes and great food and drink. Locals and other nationalities are all welcome.


More opportunities await. Interested in collaborating with us?


Interested in being one of our co-creators or vendors at British Day 2021? Please feel free to contact us.

如果您有兴趣成为 2021 英国日的共创伙伴或摊主,请联系我们。

Ms Chris Chen 陈思敏

Executive Manager 执行经理

020-8331 5013 ext. 605 

Ms Echo Ji 纪佳瑶

Events Manager 活动经理

020-8331 5013 ext. 601

BritCham Guangdong is looking forward to connecting, promoting and sharing with you across the Greater Bay Area.




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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms Arrietty Xi via or 020-8331 5013 ext. 602.