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The Members' Fireside is a member-focused event, dedicated to networking and matchmaking through an open-mic opportunity, this event will be open to BritCham GD members only with our new members and renewed members with the BritCham GD community. It's named a "fireside" because we want it to be an intimate experiential experience in getting to know each and our businesses.

Members' Fireside 是一个专门针对会员的活动,致力于通过提供一个"人人皆是讲者"的平台为会员提供商务社交及对接机会。这个活动将只对广东英国商会的会员开放,仅限商会的新会员及续会会员参与。这个活动之所以被命名为 "Members' Fireside",是因为我们希望会员可以通过这个活动有机会近距离地了解彼此的业务。

  • Own the stage for 3 minutes and pitch your brand story
  • 3 分钟台上企业宣传

  • Development opportunities at the event network drinks
  • 在社交环节沟通潜在的合作意向

We look forward to you join and meeting our members alike to build serious and lasting business relationships with our Chamber.


Here's what you need to know to participate:


1. First come first serve format – the first 20 registered companies received will be given the opportunity to share the presentations; those who fail to register as the first 20 will be submitted for the next quarterly fireside event. On receiving registering companies, priority shall be given to new members and then to renewing members in Sep-Dec.

演讲机会先到先得—— 前 20 家报名的会员企业 将有机会在台上演讲;未能在前 20 家报名的会员企业,名额将顺延至下一季度的 Members' Fireside 活动。在审批报名的会员企业时,我们会优先考虑今年新入会的会员, 然后是在 9-12 月续会的会员企业。

2. Representatives from each company may participate the Members' Fireside, maximum 2 representatives from each company, each representative will deliver a 3-minute presentationto the audience:

每家会员企业的代表均可参加 Members' Fireside 活动,每家会员企业有最多两位参会代表参会, 每家会员企业可 派出一位代表在台上向观众进行 3 分钟的演讲:

1) What does your company do?


2) What does your company offer?


3) What does your company need?


3. Maximum of 4 slides on our presentation to be submitted before 19th March at 2 p.m (Shenzhen Session) to echo.ji@britchamgd.com. PPT slide template has been attached on the registration link. Please add contents based on the provided template.

深圳场 PPT 请于 3 月 19 号下午 2 点前,将不超过四页的 PPT 演示文件发送到echo.ji@britchamgd.com。PPT 演示文稿模板已上传至报名链接上。请根据提供的模板添加演示内容。

4. We will limit attendance to 50 participants, where each participant will receive the list of speaking companies on stage at Members' Fireside – this is to provide a guide for networking and socialising at the networking drinks.

我们将把参会人数限制在 50 人以内,每位参会者都将获得一份在 Members' Fireside 台上演讲的会员企业名单——方便企业代表在社交环节上与他们沟通潜在的合作意向。

5. Registration for attendance is compulsory – right of refusal at the door is reserved by BritCham GD.


6. Presentations will be in alphabetical order of company name.

PPT 演示文稿将按公司名称的字母顺序进行排列。


14:00 - 17:00
Members’ Fireside (Subject to change)
14:00-14:30 Registration 签到14:30-14:40 Welcome speech from BritCham GD 开场介绍14:40-16:00 Pr...
14:00-14:30 Registration 签到
14:30-14:40 Welcome speech from BritCham GD 开场介绍
14:40-16:00 Presentation1-20 前 20 名报名会员企业演讲
16:00-17:00 Networking 社交环节
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Member Ticket for Shenzhen Session

Members only!
Maximum 2 participants for each company

Standard Price Complimentary

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